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How does the GroupBuy tool work?

Using chrome plug-ins
Our team provides you chrome plug-in which is fully customized to access tools. You only have to install the plug-in and then you can use all the tools without any efforts.

Does each user get an individual account?

We are providing you GroupBuy services which means we but the accounts together and then share it among various users. We don't provide individual login.

Do you have a refund policy?

We do have a refund policy. If you are facing any glitches while accessing the tools then you can request a refund.

Can I use my account in multiple places?

Of course!
You can easily use your account anywhere. But make sure you are not sharing your accounts with others. If we detect any kind of violation of the terms; our team may ban your account.

Can I share my account?

We don't permit account sharing. If our automatic reporting system suspects that you are sharing your account then the account will get ban immediately without any prior notice.

Do you provide account passwords?

We don't provide any usernames or passwords. We only provide you customized chrome plug-ins. You don't require any password as you can access the tools with plug-ins only.

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Are you seeking for SEO tools at affordable prices? Then you are the right place. If you want to do SEO but your budget is low then group buy SEO tools is the perfect choice for you. Here in SEO Handy Tools, we are offering you various top SEO tools. If you are performing SEO then you will require various tools for better optimization and analysis. But if you have a small business or working as a freelancer then buying all SEO tools can be difficult as they are quite costly. Spending a huge amount of money on SEO tools every month is tough. But here with our membership, you can easily access top SEO tools at very good prices compared to the original one. If you are a light SEO tools user then group SEO tools is the best for you.

Do group SEO tools buy are shared?

In SEO Group Buy tools; all the accounts are shared. If you are using our services then it means you are sharing SEO tools with multiple people. Once you buy our membership; we will provide you customized chrome plug-ins for accessing the tools. Our team is also providing you round the clock support service. If you are facing any kind of trouble like your tool is not working then you contact us any time of the day. Our technical team is always active for your help.

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In digital marketing, there are various SEO strategies to perform best in the field. Every person has his requirements. We are aware of the fact that your requirements for tools can be different from other people. So, we are providing you various packages of tools according to your requirements. Determine the packages and then choose the package that meets your requirements.

If you are using our SEO Group Buy service then you can use your account from anywhere. But ensure that you are not sharing your tool account with anybody. We have an automatic reporting system that shows the red flag when any person is sharing the account. If you do, it will be determined as the act of violation of the terms and your account will be banned without any notice. If you want to access these tools peacefully then don't share your account with any person and use various tools at way better prices. Whenever you get into any query; talk to us. Our team will try to resolve the issue in the minimum required time and ensures that you are getting the best group buy SEO tools service. But as you know, we don't own the tools hence we can't guarantee from the admin side. Indeed there is some shortcoming of using group buy tools but still, you can't ignore the fact that you are getting every tool at very good prices. So, stop thinking and get the best SEO Tools Group buy service now!

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